How To Get Help

The Joe Martin ALS Foundation works with the Carolinas Neuromuscular/ALS Center to help people with ALS (PALS). The ALS Center refers PALS living in the Charlotte metro area to the foundation. Our staff works with the ALS Center’s therapists to facilitate home therapy programs and provide technology support.

Currently the Joe Martin ALS Foundation assists over 60 families by providing:

  • Respite care
  • Home Assessments
  • Range of motion therapy
  • Motomed treatments
  • Mobility safety
  • Caregiver training
  • Wheelchair accessible transportation
  • Assistive technology support
  • Performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) such as dressing, grooming, and transferring from bed to wheelchair to help PALS begin a productive day.

If you are interested in learning more about the Joe Martin ALS Foundation’s services please call 704-332-1929.  The Foundation helps over 60 families a year with the services above.  It is our goal to help as many families as possible with our resources. We strive to accommodate all requests for weekly homecare, but these visits are limited to logistics and staff availability.  We are always able to provide home assessments, answer your ALS questions, and our excellent resource is available online. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquires and requests.

To make an appointment with the Carolinas Neuromuscular/ALS Center, call 704-446-6254 or 800-924-7620. Fax: (704) 446-6255. The Carolinas ALS Center is open M-F from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Direct inquires to: Nicole Lucas, RN Program Coordinator

CMC Department of Neurology: 1010 Edgehill Road North, Charlotte, NC 28207